CS 330 Fall 2010
Management Information Systems

Course Outline

Fall 2010 Course Outline
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Anne Banks Pidduck , DC 3331, Ext. 34662, apidduck@uwaterloo.ca
Office Hours: Thursdays 2 to 3 pm


This course is intended as an introduction to information systems (IS) and their strategic role in business.
Various technical, developmental and management aspects of IS will be explored.

Not open to Computer Science students
Prerequisites: CS 114, 124, 134 or 136; level at least 2B
Antirequisites: AFM/ACC 241, CS 480/490, MSCI 441


5% In-class Work
25% Midterm Thursday, October 21 in class time
30% Assignments (5% + 10% + 15%)
40% Final Exam

Academic Integrity

Policy 71, Student Discipline


Recommended Text

Laudon, Laudon and Brabston (2009). Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, Fourth Canadian Edition, Toronto, Pearson Prentice Hall

Library Copy: uwd