Anil Pacaci

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I am Ph.D. student at the University of Waterloo, and I am working under the supervision Prof. M. Tamer Özsu as a member of the Data Systems Group.

My research focuses on scalable systems for management of fast streaming data, with primary focus on graph structured data. I am currently working on online query processing over streaming graphs, exploring new algorithms and system architectures for persistent query execution on large streaming graphs.



I worked in Huawei Labs, Canada as a research intern in Relational Data Service Team. I worked on Huawei's next generation cloud-native storage engine that powers relational database services.

Previously, I worked in SRDC in Turkey as a software engineer. I took part in Europen Commission's FP7 projects IKS (that led to Apache Stanbol), BIVEE and SALUS. Part of my work in SALUS project formed the core of my master's thesis, and it was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology.


I am a PC member of LSGDA 2020. I have reviewed papers for TKDE and JDPC. In addition, I have been external reviewer for SIGMOD(2017, 2018, 2019) and VLDB (2017) conferences.


I am currently supported by the David R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarship and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Previously, I have been supported by GO-Bell Scholarship and TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey ) Graduate Scholarship.


I was a Instructional Apprentice for CS251 (Computer Organization & Design) during Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019 terms. In addition, I was a TA for following courses:


Office: Davis Centre DC 2115