Re: Argentine's elections

Well heck, I must disagree with Ken.  I think his point was very clear 
the first time, and he refuses to address the issue of the structure of 
dependent capitalism in Mexico and the structure of the world market 
1890s vs 1990s - The monopolies of the US 100 years ago existed in a 
totally different international situation, and in the context of a 
totally different national market, than do the monopoly businesses of 
Mexico today.  By insisting on the myopic focus on the practice of the 
specific business and the boss nature of the PRI, neoliberals are 
dishonestly avoiding the flagrant structural causes of these 
differences.  The US in the 1890s was not an appendage of a more 
powerful neighbor in the 1890s the way Mexico is today, the US created a 
surplus of natural resources by murdering the native peoples and stealing 
their lands whereas Mexico has struggled to include the native peoples in 
the polity, and we could go on from there.  

For Ken to try to limit the analysis to the structure of certain 
businesses and the practices of the PRI makes his argument very weak.  
Let's address why liberalism has always failed in Mexico.  Let's deal 
with the effect of privatization on the indigenous peoples.  Let's look 
at the failure of the capitalist class in Mexico and how that 
necessitated the overbearing role of the state in the economy.  Let's 
compare, for example, Mexico in the 1890s to the US in the 1890s.  Let's 
deal with what happened to common Mexican people in the 1890s when 
Porfirio Diaz opened Mexico's markets and the good it did the Mexican 
people.  When neoliberals deal with these realities they will have an 
audience that listens to them.  You want to talk about Rockefeller's 
monopolies and the growth of a freer form of capitalism in the US?  OK, 
let's talk about Standard Oil and Mexico's oil in 1904-1944.  The Pemex 
situation grew out of the same international structure that led to the 
capitalism Ken claims is so lovely in the US.  These processes have not 
been seperate.  The same forces that made the US dominant made Mexico 
dependent.  Why won't neoliberals face up to this.  The fact that they 
are too weak to do so is what makes the PRI strong.