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Symbolic Computation Packages

This is not a comprehensive list. There are other Computer Algebra packages available that may better suit your needs. There is an Available Packages listing maintained at UC Berkeley. (The list can be obtained from via anonymous ftp).

The <A HREF=""> Symbolic Computation Network</a> contains lots of useful information.

A: Maple
        Purpose: Symbolic and numeric computation, mathematical
        programming, and mathematical visualization.
        Contact: Waterloo Maple Software,
        450 Phillip Street
        Waterloo, Ontario
        N2L 5J2
        Phone (519)747-2373
        FAX   (519)747-5284

A: DOE-Macsyma
        Purpose: Symbolic and mathematical manipulations.
        Contact: National Energy Software Center
        Argonne National Laboratory 9700 South Cass Avenue
        Argonne, Illinois 60439
        Phone: (708) 972-7250

A: Pari
        Purpose: Number-theoretic computations and simple numerical
        Available for most 32-bit machines, including 386+387 and 486.
        This is a copyrighted but free package, available by ftp from ( and (
        Contact: questions about pari can be sent to
        and for the Macintosh versions to

A: Mathematica
        Purpose: Mathematical computation and visualization,
        symbolic programming.
        Contact: Wolfram Research, Inc.
        100 Trade Center Drive Champaign,
        IL 61820-7237
        Phone: 1-800-441-MATH

A: Macsyma
        Purpose: Symbolic numerical and graphical mathematics.
        Contact: Macsyma Inc.
        20 Academy Street
        Arlington, MA 02174
        tel: 617-646-4550
        fax: 617-646-3161

A: Matlab
        Purpose: `matrix laboratory' for tasks involving
        matrices, graphics and general numerical computation.
        Contact: The MathWorks, Inc.
        21 Prime Park Way
        Natick, MA 01760

A: Cayley/Magma
        A: Cayley/Magma
        Cayley is no longer being licenced or supported.
        It has been superseded by a new and more powerful system
        called Magma.
        Purpose: Computation in algebraic, geometric and
        combinatorial structures such as groups, rings, fields,
        algebras, modules, graphs and codes.
        Available for: SUN 3, SUN 4, SUN 10 (SUNOS 4.x and Solaris 2)
        DECstation (Ultrix), DEC Alpha (OSF/1), IBM RS6000 (AIX),
        HP9000/700 (HP-UX), Apollo M680x0, SGI, 486/Pentium (MS-DOS).
        Contact: Computational Algebra Group
        School of Mathematics and Statistics
        University of Sydney
        NSW 2006
        Phone:  +61 2 351 3338
        Fax: +61 2 351 4534

A: Axiom
        Purpose: Symbolic programming, symbolic and numeric computation,
                 mathematical visualisation.
        Contact: The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
        Wilkinson House
        Jordan Hill Road
        OX2 8DR
        Phone: +44 1865 311744
        Fax:   +44 1865 311755

Alex Lopez-Ortiz
Mon Feb 23 16:26:48 EST 1998