WiCS holds a special orientation event on the first Sunday afternoon after classes start. This event is...

  • Part social and community building (so you will find friendly faces in your classes on Monday)
  • Part technical (where are the best computer labs? where do I pick up printouts? did you say that I could download my course schedule onto my smartphone?)
  • Part mentoring (with upper-year students talking about what they wished they had known in first year)

women at computer

Photo credit: By rawpixel

One of the most important things you can do to improve your university experience and help you advance in your career is to cultivate a network of friends and allies — people to study with and play with; who can provide advice in good times and in bad; who can refer you to opportunities or to their connections.  

As a woman in tech, it is especially important to have a network of technical girlfriends — whose experiences are like yours, who have similar interests and goals, with whom you can vent your frustrations and celebrate your successes.

WiCS orientation is a great way to meet the other women who are going to be in your courses and who might be potential study buddies, and to start your network.

Below are the amazing presentations from this year’s orientation.