What is the Sexism Response Workshop?

The Sexism Response Workshop uses improvisation as a tool to start a discussion about sexism. Participants act out different real-life scenarios and evaluate many different responses to sexist comments and actions. With the help of the Waterloo's Improv Club, we use improvisation activities to address a serious topic while still keeping it enjoyable. This workshop provides participants with strategies to effectively respond to sexism on campus and in the workplace.

Who can attend the Sexism Response Workshop?

 Students, faculty and staff of all genders are welcome to attend this event.

When and where is the workshop being held?

The Sexism Response Workshop is held once per term, approximately just after midterms. Please contact WiCS for when this term’s workshop will be held.

Why should I attend the workshop?

The majority of women will experience some form of sexism in their lives — whether it be at school, in the workplace, or elsewhere. You should attend this workshop to participate in a meaningful discussion about sexism and learn strategies to respond to sexism effectively and safely.

How do I attend the workshop?

All WiCS events are governed by the WiCS Code of Conduct: http://wics.uwaterloo.ca/code-of-conduct/

I really liked that it was so interactive. It was good to get practice responding to sexism in a safe environment, where we could try out different strategies to see what works best for our own personality and needs.

[This workshop offered] useful insights into how to react in conversations where there are potentially harmful assumptions about genders.