We provide links to organizations providing support for and resources about women in computing at Waterloo and around the world, as well as resources for women at Waterloo.

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  • The Ada Project
    A clearinghouse for information and resources related to women in computing
  • Careers in Management Information Systems
    A resource, compiled by Maryville University, on common careers in management information systems — the business applications for computers by overseeing the design, creation and implementation of computer information systems
  • Changing the Curve: Women in Computing
    An infographic, created by datascience@berkeley, that explores the history and influence of women in computing

  • Five Women in Data Science
    A feature article by Master’s in Data Science on five women in data science, who share advice on taking risks, building inclusivity and harnessing ‘street cred’ in tech

  • A Guide for Women in STEM
    An overview prepared by Discover Data Science about the challenges women can face in STEM fields, reasons women should pursue a STEM-related career, and tips on how to encourage girls at an early age to follow their passion

  • History of Women in IT
    Contributions of six women pioneers in computer science and technology compiled by Purdue University Global

  • University of Maryland Women's Studies Database on Women in Computing

  • Women in STEM: A Guide to Bridging the Gender Gap
    Prepared by Maryville University, this guide provides some information about the current gender and diversity gaps in STEM university studies and careers, reasons for those gaps, and strategies to help promote inclusivity in STEM-related industries. Diverse workplaces show an increase in productivity and creativity by introducing and representing different ideas and backgrounds.