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Our vision

Established in 2007, WiCS was introduced to the Waterloo community to effect change in the following ways by:

  • To build an environment in the School of Computer Science where women are supported in their work and studies.
  • To ensure that young women entering university see computer science as an option.
  • To connect to outside organizations and events for women in computer science

Learn about our commitment to gender equality in computer science at Waterloo by reading our report (PDF).

2018–2019 events and activities

Event Date
Meet-Up for Incoming Women in Computer Science 2018 Jul 19, 2018
Orientation for Incoming Women in Computer Science 2018 Sep 9, 2018
Big CSters Mentorship Ongoing
WiCS Circles Ongoing
Technical Interview Workshops Ongoing
Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 Sep 26–28, 2018
CAN-CWIC 2018 Nov 2–3, 2018
Sexism Response Workshop  

All WiCS events are governed by the WiCS Code of Conduct:

WiCS Panel on Meaningful Careers in Computing 

WiCS organized a Panel on Meaningful Careers in Computing to hear from members of the industry about their roles in meaningful projects in diverse fields including: healthcare, education, digital forensics, and non-profit. Our panelists included experienced professionals from Google, Medicalis,, Agfa, Magnet, and GE. 

Read the summary here.

Welcome, first-year students!

Thanks to generous donations from our industrial partners we are holding pre-university events that allow new students to get to know each other and talk with upper-year students about their experiences before classes start.

In July, we are holding a pre-university meet-up in Waterloo. This is a meet and greet event that includes some upper-year students from various programs and backgrounds and who exemplify the diversity of what it means to succeed in computing.
On the Sunday after classes start, we are holding a WiCS orientation event that is:
  • Part social and community building (so there will be friendly faces in your classes on Monday)
  • Part technical (Where are the best computer labs? Where do I pick up printouts? What are the best apps on campus?)
  • Part mentoring, with upper-year students talking about what they wished they knew in first year.

This event is a great way to meet other women who will be in your courses and who might be potential study buddies. It ends with an early light dinner and a panel of upper-year students: ask them anything!


The BigCSters mentoring program connects new CS students with more experienced CS students to provide mentorship and guidance during their years of study at Waterloo. Social and academic events provide opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals and female classmates.


Each year, we try to fund as many students as possible to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, an annual gathering celebrating the research and careers of women in computer science. It's a great opportunity to meet and network with prominent female computer scientists as well as meet female undergraduate and graduate computer science students from around the world.
Closer to home, we aim for a significant Waterloo presence at the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing; the generosity of sponsors makes the cost of attending very low.

Distinguished lecture series

We organize lunches for students, alumni, staff, and faculty to interact with our distinguished speakers from other institutions and discuss topics related to women in computer science.

Look for our full listing of past and present speakers. 

Special programs, camps, and open houses have been helpful for giving women the chance to find out more about computer science.

- Fatiyeh, PhD Candidate

Industrial partners

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • SAP

Workshops | competitions

Future and current students can participate in skill-testing challenges.