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Research interestsVic DiCiccio

Professor DiCiccio fosters interaction and relationships between companies and academic researchers to transfer ideas and students, and encourages the exploitation of research results. He works with computer researchers on initiating new research projects, licensing technology and helping to spin off companies. He identifies new sponsorship opportunities, often involving industry collaboration, by helping industry experts see the potential and relevance in university-based research.

Degrees and awards

BASc, MASc (Waterloo)

Industrial and sabbatical experience

Professor DiCiccio helped found the Institute for Computer Research (ICR), which has more than 150 faculty members from eight academic departments in four faculties at Waterloo, as well as 15 federated research groups. ICR fosters research in computer topics and specializes in industry collaboration.

DiCiccio is the Director for Research Partnerships of the GRAND NCE, a federal network of researchers at 20 universities collaborating with companies and user groups in the areas of graphics, animation, games, new media and social networks. He serves on GRAND's Board of Directors.

Previously, DiCiccio was the director of advanced technology at SOMA Networks, a 250-person start-up developing fixed broadband wireless technology, and the vice-president of research for Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO, now OCE) which funds industry-relevant research at Ontario's universities. He has been an applicant for Canarie grants which have accelerated local industry and brought higher-bandwidth networking to southern Ontario universities. He is a director of Rhetoritech Inc., a start up that commercializes persuasive language technology, arising from a multi-university research project, in the health domain.

Representative publications

V. DiCiccio, C. Sunshine, J. Field, and E. Manning. Alternatives for Interconnection of Public Packet Switching Data Networks. Proceedings of SIGCOMM, pp. 120-125, 1979.

University of Waterloo
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