Associate Professor and Associate Director, Graduate Studies

Urs HengartnerResearch interests

Professor Hengartner's research interests are in information privacy and in computer and networks security. His focus is on security and privacy challenges that arise in the context of smartphones and mobile applications. He develops privacy-preserving solutions for location-based services and mobile social-networking applications that do not require smartphones to continuously release information about their owner to application providers. He also studies implicit authentication schemes for smartphones, where a smartphone continuously authenticates its owner based on the owner's behaviour without requiring deliberate actions by the owner. Professor Hengartner has also worked on privacy-preserving location verification technologies, genomics privacy, and end-to-end voter-verifiable voting systems.

Degrees and awards

Dipl. Informatik-Ing. (ETH Zurich), MS & PhD (Carnegie Mellon)

Representative publications

Hassan Khan, Aaron Atwater and Urs Hengartner. Itus: An Implicit Authentication Framework for Android. MobiCom 2014.

Bisheng Liu and Urs Hengartner. pTwitterRec: A Privacy-preserving Personalized Tweet Recommendation Framework. ASIACCS 2014.

Yihang Song, Madhur Kukreti, Rahul Rawat and Urs Hengartner. Two Novel Defenses against Motion-Based Keystroke Inference Attacks. MoST 2014.

University of Waterloo
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