Research InterestsTherese Biedl

Professor Biedl's research interest is in algorithms, especially for problems that involve graphs and geometry. Her main topic is graph drawing, i.e., how to create (automatically) a nice-looking drawing of a given graph. Professor Biedl specializes on drawings of planar graphs, i.e., graphs that can be drawn without crossings, and develops algorithms that minimize or approximate the area and the height of such drawings. As part of this work, she also studies graph algorithms, especially for planar graphs, as well as approximation algorithms and fixed-parameter tractability. She is also interested in many other problems in computational geometry.

Degrees and awards

Diplom in Mathematics (Tech U Berlin), PhD (Rutgers, The State U Of New Jersey)

Ross and Muriel Cheriton Fellowship

Representative publications

T. Biedl, On area-optimal planar graph drawings, International Colloquium on Algorithms, Languages and Programming (ICALP'14), pp. 198-210, 2014.

Md. J. Alam, T. Biedl, S. Felsner, M. Kaufmann, S. G. Kobourov, and T. Ueckerdt, Computing cartograms with optimal complexity. Discrete & Computational Geometry 50(3):784–810, 2013.

T. Biedl, Small drawings of outerplanar graphs and other planar graphs, Discrete and Computational Geometry 45 (1), pp. 141-160, 2011.

T. Biedl, E. Demaine, C. Duncan, R. Fleischer, and S. Kobourov. Tight bounds on maximal and maximum matching. Discrete Mathematics 285(1-3):7–15, 2004.

T. Biedl, P. Bose, E. Demaine, and A. Lubiw. Efficient Algorithms for Petersen's Matching Theorem, Journal of Algorithms, 38:110-134, 2001.

T. Biedl and G. Kant. A better heuristic for orthogonal graph drawings.Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 9:159-180, 1998.

University of Waterloo
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