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Tamer OzsuResearch interests

Professor Özsu's research area is database systems focusing on (a) application of database technology to non-traditional data types, and (b) large-scale distributed and parallel data management. Investigating how database technology can be applied to data types that are more complex than business data processing (for which relational systems are the perfect fit) is increasingly important with the emergence of new applications that generate and access unstructured and semistructured data.

His current research in this area focuses on graphs that are prevalent in many of these applications (e.g., social networks, software systems, etc). His past work has focused on streaming data, XML, images, videos, moving object trajectories, and spatial and temporal data. In the area of parallel and distributed data management, Professor Özsu’s current focus is on web data management using RDF. RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a W3C standard for modeling web objects and it provides a basis for the semantic web construction and the management of diverse web data. His research focuses on the efficient management of increasing volumes of RDF data distributed across the web.

Degrees and awards

BSc, MSc (METU), MSc, PhD (Ohio State University)

Elected Member of Turkish Academy of Science (2013); Fellow of the IEEE (2011); Distinguished Alumnus Award, Ohio State University College of Engineering (2008); ACM Distinguished Lecturer (2007); Fellow of the ACM (2006); ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award (2006); Cheriton Faculty Fellow, University of Waterloo (2012-2015); University Research Chair, University of Waterloo (2004-2011); Faculty of Mathematics Fellow, University of Waterloo (2000-2003); McCalla Professor, University of Alberta (1993-1994)

Industrial and sabbatical experience

Professor Özsu has spent time as a visiting scientist or a visiting professor at various institutions. In 1990-1991 he spent his sabbatical leave at GTE Laboratories in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 1997-98, Professor Özsu was on sabbatical leave at INRIA Rocquencourt, France, GMD-IPSI, Germany, and University of Milano, Italy. In 2006, he was a visiting professor at ETH Zurich and at National University of Singapore. He spent 2010-2011 as KITHCT Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore, and 2011-2012 as Visiting Professor at ETH Zurich.

Representative Publications

M. T. Özsu and P. Valduriez. Principles of Distributed Database Systems. Springer, 2011.

L. Golab and M. T. Özsu. Data Stream Management. Morgan & Claypool, 2010.

C. Balkesen, J. Teubner, G. Alonso, and M. T. Özsu. Main-memory Hash Joins on Modern Processor Architectures. IEEE Trans. Knowl. and Data Eng., to appear.

L. Zou, M. T. Özsu, L. Chen, X. Sheng, R. Huang, and D. Zhao. gStore: A Graph-based SPARQL Query Engine. VLDB Journal, to appear.

F. Li, B. C. Ooi, M. T. Özsu, S. Wu. Distributed Data Management Using MapReduce. ACM Comput. Surv., 46(3): Article 31, 2014.

G. Aluç, M. T. Özsu, and K. Daudjee. Workload Matters: Why RDF Databases New a New Design, Proc. VLDB Endowment, 7(10): 837 - 840, 2014.

O. Hartig and M. T. Özsu. Reachable Subwebs for Traversal-Based Query Execution. Proc. 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (Companion Volume), 2014, pages 541–546.

T. Chen, L. Chen, M. T. Özsu, N. Xiao, and N. Zhang. Optimizing Multi-top-k Queries over Uncertain Data Streams. IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng., 25(8): 1814 - 1829, 2013.

F. Li, M. T. Özsu, G. Chen, and B.C. Ooi. R-Store: A Scalable Distributed System for Supporting Real-time Analytics. Proc. 30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2014, pages 40-51.

University of Waterloo
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