Lori CaseTeaching interests

I primarily teach introductory computer science courses to both majors and non-majors. I try to connect concepts taught in class to areas outside of computer science, as well as provide a basis for future courses.

Administrative and service responsibilities

I am an academic advisor for undergraduate CS students. As part of this role, I help students understand degree requirements, as well as helping them get enrolled in courses, and to access resources available to them. I also oversee the administrative aspects of the Digital Hardware Option. I understand the need for rules in a large program like ours, but I also recognize that each student is an individual to be treated with respect and compassion.

For the 2010-2011 academic year, I am also a member of the Undergrad Recruiting committee.

Research interests

I am interested in the area of computer science education, particularly in the foundations.

Degrees and awards

BSc (Memorial), MMath, PhD (Waterloo)

University of Waterloo
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