Ken SalemResearch interests

My primary research area is data management systems. Generally speaking, I am interested in how to design, build, and evaluate systems for reliably storing, organizing, querying, and updating large amounts of data. Recently, much of my work has been focused on two broad topics. The first is data management systems for cloud computing. My work has considered how existing database systems should be deployed and used in the cloud, and how scalable, highly available, and disaster-tolerant data management and storage systems can be designed for cloud settings.  Hardware virtualization is used extensively in cloud settings,  and some of my work has considered how such virtualization affects database systems, and how they can exploit it. The second broad topic is storage management, where my work has focused on scalable distributed storage services for cloud settings, integration of solid state storage devices into the storage hierarchy, and on adaptive, application-aware cache management.

In the past I have worked in a variety of other areas related to database systems, including transaction management, database query optimization, database configuration and tuning, fine-grained access controls, and database management for array-structured data, such as images.

Degrees and awards

BS (Carnegie-Mellon), MSE, MA, PhD (Princeton)

David R. Cheriton Faculty Fellowship, University of Waterloo (2009-2012)

Industrial and sabbatical experience

Since coming to Waterloo, I have spent my sabbatical years at IBM's Almaden Research Center, and another at HP Labs in Palo Alto, with the storage systems group. I also maintain an on-going research relationship with IBM's Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Toronto, as a visiting scientist.

Representative Publications

R. Liu, A. Aboulnaga, and K. Salem. DAX: A Widely Distributed Multi-Tenant Storage  Service for DBMS Workloads. In Proc. VLDB Endowment, 6(4), 2013.

X. Liu and K. Salem. Hybrid Storage Management for Database Systems.  In Proc. VLDB Endowment, 6(8), 2013.

U. F. Minhas, S. Rajagopalan, B. Cully, A. Aboulnaga, K. Salem, and A. Warfield. RemusDB: Transparent high-availability for database systems.  In Proc. VLDB Endowment, 4(11), 2011.

O. Ozmen, K. Salem, J. Schindler, and S. Daniel. Workload-aware storage layout for database systems. In Proc. ACM SIGMOD Conference on Management of Data. 2010. pp. 939-950

A. Soror, U. F. Minhas, A. Aboulnaga, K. Salem, P. Kokosielis, and S. Kamath. Automatic Virtual Machine Configuration for DBMS Workloads. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 35(1). 2010.

X. Liu, A. Aboulnaga, K. Salem, and X. Li. CLIC: CLient-Informed Caching for storage servers. In Proc. USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST'09), pages 297-310, February 2009.

I. Bowman and K. Salem. Optimization of Query Streams Using Semantic Prefetching. Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), pp. 179-190, 2004.

A.P. Marathe and K. Salem. Query Processing Techniques for Arrays. The VLDB Journal, 111:68-91, 2002.

University of Waterloo
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