Ian McKillopResearch Interests

Professor McKillop works in the area of information systems assurance with a focus on data quality, security and performance management issues found in high-availability, mission-critical systems such as those found in banking and healthcare settings.

Professor McKillop’s research explores how administrative systems can be levered to support decision-making. He has a particular interest in mechanisms to ensure the operational continuity of information systems through the design of comprehensive controls and effective incident response strategies. Professor McKillop’s joint appointment to the university's public health program provides him with a lens on these issues in the context of catastrophic disaster planning (floods, hurricanes, etc.), as well as from a medical catastophe perspective (such as how to maintain full system functionality during a pandemic outbreak.)

Dr McKillop helps lead the ideas FOR HEALTH informatics laboratory at Waterloo. This is a group of scientists whose research explores i.d.e.a.s. - innovations in data, evidence and application systems in the health sector.

Professor McKillop has been a lead investigator on one of the largest publicly-available hospital performance measurement projects in the world. Together with colleagues, he championed the introduction of a number of performance management tools to support decision-making by health professionals. A variety of research activities are occurring in tandem with these deployments, ranging from projects to examine how interface design influences the decision-making capacity of users, novel ways to measure system level performance, through to projects examining a variety of security, privacy and network issues.

Degrees and Awards

DipBusAdm (Wilfrid Laurier University), BIS, MASc, PhD (Waterloo)

J.W Graham Research Chair in Health Information Systems (2004-2009)

Industrial and Sabbatical Experience

Professor McKillop sits on a number of federal and provincial committees with mandates related to information management in Canada's health system. Active internationally, Ian has lived and worked in France, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. In 2001, he received a visiting scholar's award and spent an extended period in Sweden.

Professor McKillop is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. His work has contributed to a number of commissions and government inquiries including the Commission on the Future of Healthcare in Canada (The Romanow Report), the Senate Report on the State of the Health Care System in Canada (The Kirby Report), and the work of the Clair Commission in Québec.

Representative Publications

I. McKillop, J. McMurray, and G. Pink. The Financial Management of Acute Care in Canada: Funding, Performance Monitoring, and Financial Reporting Practices. Toronto: Longwoods Press. 2010. 254pp.

P. Stolee, I. McKillop, J.G. Strong, D.A. Jones, J. McMurray, J. Heldebrand, and U.L. Schertzer. Eye-T: Information Technology Adoption and Use in Canada's Optometric Practices. Optometry - Journal of the American Optometric Association. Vol 82 No 3 (Mar2011).

University of Waterloo
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