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Research interestsEdward Chan

Professor Chan's research interests are mainly in the area of database systems. In the past, he has worked on database design, and on object-oriented and deductive databases. Recently, he has become interested in designing and building spatial and moving object database systems. The group research in the past few years is focused on finding fast algorithms for evaluating routes queries on massive graphs, as well as query processing and indexing for large spatial and moving object databases.

Degrees and awards

BSc, MSc, PhD (Toronto)

Industrial and sabbatical experience

Professor Chan spent a year of sabbatical at NTT Basic Research Laboratories in Tokyo and at the University of Toronto.

Representative publications

E.P.F. Chan and J. Zhang. A Fast Unified Optimal Route Query Evaluation Algorithm. Proceedings of ACM 16th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 07), pp. 371-380, 2007.

E.P.F. Chan and H. Lim. Optimization and Evaluation of Shortest Path Queries. VLDB Journal, 16(3):343-369, 2007.

E.P.F. Chan. Buffer Queries. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 15(4):895-910, 2003.

E.P.F. Chan and K. Chow. On Multi-scale Display of Geometric Objects. Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE), 40:91-119, 2002.

E.P.F. Chan and N. Zhang. Finding Shortest Paths in Large Network Systems. Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM-GIS 01), pp. 160-166, 2001.

University of Waterloo
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