Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 6 (2003), Article 03.4.8

An Interesting Lemma for Regular C-fractions

Kwang-Wu Chen
Department of International Business Management
Ching Yun University
No. 229, Jianshing Road, Jungli City
Taoyuan, Taiwan 320, R.O.C.

Abstract: In this short note we give an interesting lemma for regular C-fractions. Applying this lemma we obtain some congruence properties of some classical numbers such as the Springer numbers of even index, the median Euler numbers, the median Genocchi numbers, and the tangent numbers.

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(Concerned with sequence A000281 A002832 A005439 A009006 A036968 .)

Received October 20, 2003; revised version received November 8, 2003. Published in Journal of Integer Sequences January 16, 2004.

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