Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 19 (2016), Article 16.2.5

Partial Profiles of Quasi-Complete Graphs

Pedro Lopes
Center for Analysis, Geometry, and Dynamical Systems
Department of Mathematics
Instituto Superior Técnico
University of Lisbon
Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisbon


We enumerate graph homomorphisms to quasi-complete graphs, i.e., graphs obtained from complete graphs by removing one edge. The source graphs are complete graphs, quasi-complete graphs, cycles, paths, wheels and broken wheels. These enumerations give rise to sequences of integers with two indices; one of the indices is the number of vertices of the source graph, and the other index is the number of vertices of the target graph.

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Received July 19 2015; revised versions received December 29 2015; January 14 2016. Published in Journal of Integer Sequences, January 22 2016.

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