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Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree

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Earn two degrees in 5 years in both computer science and business by enrolling in this unique program. Receive a full Bachelor of Computer Science from Waterloo and a full Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

What you'll learn

Computer Science (Waterloo) - You will gain an understanding of software, algorithms, programming, and the limits of computation. Using a combination of theory and application, you will learn how to describe problems in a formal, precise way so that machines can solve them. You will also learn about managing large-scale programs, and about understanding the power, limitations, and organization of computer software and hardware.

Business Administration (Wilfrid Laurier) - You will develop a broad understanding of business by taking a variety of courses in all functional areas including those in brand communication, accounting, human resource management, marketing, finance, financial planning, supply chain management, insurance and risk management,
entrepreneurship. You can specialize in any of these areas to focus your studies.


If you are interested in applying to this program, we recommend that you apply to both Waterloo and Laurier to maximize your changes of entry. The program is created identically at each school. You will select your "home school" by accepting your offer from either institution.

Your "home school" will provide you will support for services such as co-op, scholarships, and housing.

*** It is mandatory that you complete an Admission Information Form (AIF) with your application to be considered for this program.


You will be required to satisfy 4 - 5 work terms over the course of the BBA/BCS program. The co-op sequence below outlines when you will be studying and working.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
1A 1B * 2A * 2B 3A * 3B





* 4A 4B * 5A 5B
4A * 4B * 5A 5B

F = Fall | W = Winter | S = Spring | * = Work term


You can explore additional areas of interest with your studies by adding an option in second year to customize your degree.


Courses (available on our undergraduate calendar)

Digital Hardware
Health Informatics
Software Engineering

First year courses

Course Course code
Course descriptions are available on our undergraduate calendar (
Introduction to Computer Science/Designing Functional Programs CS115, CS135 or CS145
Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction CS136 or CS146
Calculus 1 Math127, Math137 or Math147
Calculus 2 MATH128, MATH138 or MATH 148
Algebra MATH135 or MATH145
Linear Algebra MATH136 or MATH146
Business BU111 and BU121

For more information on upper year classes, take a look at our suggested academic plans under our "current students" section.

Graduate studies

Following your undergraduate degree, you can continue your studies through our graduate studies program or you can pursue your Charted Professional Accounting designation.

At Waterloo, you can pursue a Masters of Mathematics (MMath) with a specialization in Computer Science and fast track your degree with our Accelerated Masters program. An Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) will allow you to try your hand at research before you apply.

Additional courses through Wilfird Laurier can provide you with the tools to be successful in the world of accounting by earning your Chartered Professional Accounting designation (CPA).


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