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New! Data Science

What is Data Science?

Every day, large amounts of data are generated by business, scientific and social activity taking place all around us. It comes from sensors, digital images, streaming video, satellite and medical imagery, as well as through interactions with cloud computing. Data driven approaches to decision-making are being applied in areas as diverse as medicine, business, advertising, and entertainment.

Data Science is the study, application, and development of methods to learn from available data in order to understand, predict, and improve business strategy, products and services, marketing campaigns, medicine, public health and safety. These methods include elements of computer science and statistics.

What courses you'll take

In Data Science at Waterloo, you will take courses in computing systems, data analytics, database management, statistics, statistical and machine learning as well as core mathematical subjects like algebra and calculus. You will learn from leaders in this evolving field and have opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.

How to apply

This program is a second year entry program available as a regular or co-op program. Students may earn one of two degrees.