Become a Computer Science Ambassador!

About the Ambassador program

The Ambassador program is for Computer Science (CS) students who are interested in ongoing volunteer opportunities. As an Ambassador you will share insights about your experience as a Computer Science student with prospective students and have a personal impact on their view of the program. 

Members of the CS Ambassador team will receive training and will be informed about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. 

Some of the opportunities include:

  • Suggesting improvements that can make CS recruitment events better
  • Providing on-campus weekly tours and assisting students with their questions
  • Participating in a Student Panel (available to upper year students)
  • Participating in on- and off- campus events as a volunteer (e.g., Fall Open House, CS4U Day, March Break Open House, You@Waterloo Day)


  • Positive attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to share your experiences with others
  • Willingness to participate in ongoing volunteer opportunities
  • Commitment to your program and to recruiting the best prospective students
  • Passion for, and knowledge of, University of Waterloo

The Ambassador program can help you gain volunteer experience, improve your public speaking and leadership skills, and meet new people.