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Why CS @ Waterloo?

Top 5 reasons to study CS at Waterloo

1. #1 Reputation

For 21 years in a row, Waterloo has ranked #1 for "Most Innovative" university and "Most Likely to Produce Leaders of Tomorrow" in Maclean's university rankings.

2. Top-notch research

Faculty have received recognition for a number of research awards and grants placing them at the top of their field.

3. Get paid to study

Waterloo computer science graduate students earn money while studying through scholarships (national and provincial), research assistantships and teaching assistantships.

4. Fostering entrepreneurship

  • Waterloo researchers own 100% of their ideas with Waterloo's unique IP policy.
  • The David Johnston Research + Technology Park was developed to foster radical innovation of technical researchers
  • Waterloo is #1 in Canada for the most of spin-off companies

5. Commitment to teaching

The School of Computer Science has one of the largest concentrations of researchers and educators in Canada with 90 professors, lecturers and post-doctoral fellows, and 300 graduate students.