Joint Honours BCS With Discipline In Another Faculty Checklist

Required Courses:
6.5 CS units
CS 125, 133, 135, 3xx or 4xx
CS 134 or 136
CS 240
CS 241
CS 245
CS 246
CS 251
CS 341
CS 350
CS 340 - 398; 440-489
CS 340 - 398; 440-489
CS 440 - 489
CS 440 - 489
3.5 Math units
MATH 1[34]5
MATH 1[34]6
MATH 1[34]7
MATH 1[34]8
MATH 2[34]9
STAT 2[34]0
STAT 2[34]1
Additional Constraints:
10 non-math units that satisfy the joint honours requirement of the other faculty.
Eight terms enrolled in at least three courses totalling 1.5 units.
No more than 3.0 units of excluded courses and non-excluded courses failed prior to the Fall 2004 term.
CS Major Average of 60% or higher.
Cumulative Average of 60% or higher.
English Writing Skills
checkbox Coop requirements met, if applicable. Must now complete a minimum of 5 PD courses.


1 No course can be used to satisfy more than one of the breadth requirements.

Disclaimer: This checklist is a handy tool but is not a substitute for the official degree regulations. If there is a question of interpretation or a discrepancy, the University Calendar always takes precedence.

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