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Master of Health Informatics

We are no longer receiving applications for this program and have closed admissions for this program indefinitely.

How to study MHI

1. Apply to the MHI program offered in the School of Public Health and Health Systems

Details are available on the SPHHS MHI webpage including:

  • Program overview
  • Admission requirements
  • Application produces and deadlines

2. Apply for the MMath program in Computer Science with select courses in health Informatics

HI course options

CS645 - Software Requirements Specification and Analysis

Introduces students to the requirements definition phase of software development. Models, notations, and processes for software requirements identification, representation, analysis, and validation. Cost estimation from early documents and specifications.

CS755 - System and Network Architectures and Implementation

Distributed, multi-user applications are designed and implemented using many underlying technologies that must be coordinated to provide important features such as robustness, scalability, manageability, ubiquitous access, privacy, security, authentication, and role-based access control, to name only a few. The network supporting the application may be crucial to its successful implementation. The application logic itself is likely implemented in a number of languages and programming environments. Students will be provided with an advanced overview of current networking and distributed systems topics, and will apply it to case studies drawn from consumer internet applications, enterprise systems, and medical and healthcare systems.

Instructor consent required.

CS 792 - Data Structures and Standards in Health Informatics

This course focuses on health data as a key component of all health informatics systems. Topics include ontologies and other classification taxonomies found in health systems, data standards (with a focus on Canadian implementations of international standards), privacy and security of health data, client/patient assessment tools, and ethical considerations.

Instructor consent required.

CS793 - Health Informatics - Application Domains

System architectures, interoperability, networking, and medical data storage are explored in the context of health information system applications such as digital image acquisition systems, telemedicine, laboratory automation, physician order entry systems, patient safety systems, administrative systems, and various forms of the electronic patient record. Issues related to usability and human computer interaction feature prominently in this course.

Instructor consent required.