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MMath completion timeline

April 30, 2018 completion deadline for Spring 2018 convocation

Step Deadlines and details for spring 2018 completions Links
Submit Intention to Graduate form Submit to SCS Grad Office, along with a copy of your unofficial transcript, as early as possible (fill out Intention to Graduate portion only).  Intention to Graduate / Program Completion
Submit Agreement to Read MMath Thesis form To the SCS Grad Office to have the committee approved. Submit at least one week before thesis is taken to MGO for display. The thesis should be approved for display by the supervisor(s) and be sent to committee members before the display period. Agreement to Read MMath Thesis (PDF)
Display MMath Thesis (3-week display in MGO) Submit an electronic pdf copy of the thesis with a scanned copy of the Agreement to Read the MMath Thesis form to MGO no later than April 2, 2017.
Book room and post thesis/essay presentation Complete web form (using email link at right) at least 10 days prior to presentation. Book Presentation
Oral presentation of MMath Essay and submission of essay acceptance form Completed no later than April 23, 2018. Acceptance form signed and to SCS Grad Office by April 25 MMath Essay (Research Paper) Acceptance (PDF)
Oral presentation of MMath Thesis; MMath Thesis Acceptance form signed when thesis is accepted Completed during later part of display period or after display period, but no later than April 20. MMath Thesis Acceptance (PDF)
Submit signed MMath Thesis Acceptance form To the SCS Grad Office by April 20, to allow time for required formatting review and possible revisions. MMath Thesis Acceptance (PDF)
Upload thesis to UWSpace for formatting review No later than April 23, earlier if possible. GSO will review your thesis and email you if formatting changes are required. UWSpace
Thesis deposited on UWSpace GSO-recommended revisions must be completed and thesis must be officially deposited on UWSpace by April 30, 2017. UWSpace


  1. The school no longer requires bound copies of theses for our library or for supervisors. All personal bound copies can be ordered through media.doc.
  2. Master's students continuing in the doctoral program in Spring term need to complete by April 30 to ensure they are matriculated and registered in the PhD program by May 2018.

May 22, 2018 - 100% tuition refund deadline

All degree requirements must be completed and paperwork must be submitted to GSO by this date. Students do NOT have to register (pay fees) for the Spring 2018 term. Students will attend FALL convocation in October 2018.

June 19, 2018 - 50% tuition refund deadline

Students who cannot meet the 100% deadline can elect to change their status to part-time for fall term to reduce their fees and will also be eligible for a 50% fee refund if they meet this deadline. Please note that students may forfeit funding if they elect to go part-time. Students will attend FALL convocation in October 2018. 

Helpful websites:


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