Funding source Current value Applications are administered by Decision is made by Citizenship eligibility
David R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarships in Computer Science $10,000 per year for one or two years School of Computer Science Cheriton Scholarship Committee  No residency requirement
DiMarco Graduate Scholarship in Computational Rhetoric $2,500. per year for one year School of Computer Science Computer Science and Faculty of Arts Committee No residency requirement, Computer Science or Faculty of Arts who have an area of interest in computational rhetoric
NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships $17,500 per year (CGS-M)
$35,000 per year (CGS-D)
University via School


University & Faculty - CGSM

Canadian, Permanent resident
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships $17,300 per year (PGS-M)
$21,000 per year (PGS-D)
University via School NSERC Canadian, Permanent resident
MITACS Accelerate $10,000 per term internship   MITACS All supervised graduate students.
President's Graduate Scholarships $10,000 per year for duration of NSERC/OGS/QEII University and Faculty Office University and Faculty Given to all NSERC CGS-M, PGS-M, PGS-D, CGS-D, Vanier, and all OGS and QEII scholarship holders
Ontario Graduate Scholarships $15,000 per year including matching schoalarship University via School University of Waterloo committees Mostly Canadian, Permanent Resident
QEII/OGSST $15,000 per year including matching scholarship * University of Waterloo committees Canadian, Permanent Resident
Ross & Muriel Cheriton Graduate Scholarship $5,000 per year matching for OGS/QEII * School scholarship committee Current recipients of OGS or OGSST/QEII
Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Fellowship $20,000 per year plus tuition for up to four years   Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) PhD (QI) students supervised by faculty member of IQC
Frederick W. Bent Memorial Graduate Scholarship $5,000 per year matching with OGS/QEII * School scholarship committee Canadian, Permanent Resident. Current OGS/QEII holder.
QNX Graduate Scholarship $15,000 per year with OGS/QEII * School and Graduate Studies Office Canadian/Permanent Resident. Current OGS/QEII holder.
RIM Graduate Scholarship $5,000 matching or up to $12,500 per year   School and Graduate Studies Office Matching scholarship for OGS/QEII recipients, or awarded independently up to $12,500

Derick Wood Graduate Scholarship

$2,500 per year * School scholarship committee PhD students (algorithms area)
GO-Bell Scholarships
to incoming PhD
$12,000 per year up to two years * School Director of Graduate Studies All
Research assistantships $9,000 to $13,005 per year (MMath)
$10,877 or more per year (PhD)
* Faculty supervisor All
Teaching assistantships $3,772 per unit (four per year) * School Graduate Office All
Sessional instructorships $7,775 per term Director of the School Director of the School All
Research Travel Assistantship $500 per year plus $500 matching from School  School Graduate Office Graduate Studies Office & Faculty Graduate Office All graduate students in research program, presenting conference paper
UW Graduate Entrance Scholarships $4,000 incoming master's
$5,000 incoming PhD.
* School Associate Director of Graduate Studies All
Faculty of Mathematics Graduate Scholarships Variable amount  * Faculty Graduate Office Canadian, Permanent Resident
Prov-Doc Scholarships $5,000 per year for one year  * Faculty Graduate Office Canadian, Permanent Resident, incoming female PhD students
Doctoral Thesis Completion Award $5,000 term award Dean of Graduate Studies Graduate Studies Office All completing doctoral students.
Ontario Trillium Scholarship $40,000 per year for up to four years   Graduate Studies Office Incoming international doctoral students.
UW Graduate Bursaries Up to $3000/term Graduate Studies Office Graduate Studies Office Canadian/PR, with limited number for Visa Students
International Doctoral Student Awards  $11,760 per year for four years            (bursary) * Graduate Studies Office International doctoral students
International Master's Student Awards

$5,880 per year for two years              (bursary)

* Graduate Studies Office International  master's students (master's coursework students are not eligible)

* No formal application is required. This is handled at the discretion of the School Graduate Office at the time of admission.