Instructor Area Recommended background Number Course title

K. Salem/J. Lin

    631 Data-Intensive Distributed Analytics
N. Limam     636 Introduction to Computer Networks & Distributed Computer Systems
P Ragde PLG   642 Principles of Programming Languages
N. Naeem PLG   644 Compiler Construction
V. Sakhnini SE   645 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis
M. Nagappan SE   646 Software Design and Architectures
A. Garfunkel SE   647 Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Maintenance
I. Ilyas DB   648 Database System Implementation
A. Kuzminykh Graph   649 Human-Computer Interaction
A. Morton Systems   650 Computer Architecture
K. Salem/J. Lin Systems   651 Data-Intensive Distributed Computing
W. Cowan Systems   652 Real-Time Programming
K. Daudjee Systems   654 Distributed Systems
N. Limam Systems   656 Computer Networks
U. Hengartner Systems   658 Computer Security and Privacy
J. Shallit Algorithms   662 Formal Languages and Parsing
Y. Li SciCom   676 Numeric Compilation for Financial Modeling
B. Ma Bioinformatics   682 Computational Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis
S. Ben-David CompStat   685 Machine Learning: Statistical and Computational Foundations
J. Hoey AI   686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

E. Schost

SciCom   687 Introduction to Symbolic Computation
G. Baranoski Graphics   688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
R. Mann AI   698-1 Introductory Research Topics: Computational Audio
P. Poupart Computational Statistics   698-2 Introductory Research Topics: Machine Learning
J. Orchard AI/SciCom   698-3 Introductory research Topics: Neural Networks
S. Rhebergen SciCom Knowledge of probability 778 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
S. Mann SciCom Open background 779 Splines & Their Use In Computer Graphics
H. Chen Health Informatics Open background 792 Data Structures and Standards in Health Informatics
R. Boutaba Systems   798 - 001 Network Softwarization: Principles and Foundations
R. Boutaba Systems   798 - 002 Network Sofwarization: Technologies and Enablers
M. Godfrey SE Nominal systems/programming background from undergraduate degree 846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Empirical SE using Ultra Large repositories
I. Ilyas DB Basic knowledge of DB systems, stats and machine learning 848 Advanced Topics in Databases: New Generation Data Integration Systems
M. Karsten Systems Open background 854 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
D. Gottesman/ B. Yoshida Quantum Quantum Information Theory 867 Advanced Topics in Quantum Computing: Semidefinite Programming in Quantum Information
S.       Ben-David AI A basic statistics course, an algorithms course and an AI or machine learning course 886 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Clustering Theory
E. Law Graph Open background (AI or HCI research preferred) 889-001 Advanced Topics in Human - Computer Interaction: Human-AI Interaction
D. Vogel Graph Open background 889-002 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction: Computer Vision for HCI
G. Baranoski   Open backgound 898 Adv Special Topics in CS: On the Synergy Between CS and Biology