All courses offered in Winter 2021 will be delivered remotely. Some courses have pre-determined times for synchronous sessions, while others will set times for synchronous sessions during the first week of classes.

Instructor Recommended Backgroud  Area Number Course Title Delivery Time 
Raouf Boutaba     798-001 Advanced Network Architecture  
Raouf Boutaba     798-002 Network Softwarization  
Trevor Brown     798 Multicore Programming  
Chengnian Sun     846 Adv Tpcs in Software Testing and Debugging  
Gordon Cormack     848 High Recall Information Retrieval  
N Asokan     858 Selected topics in systems security  
Eric Blais     860 Sublinear-time Algorithms  
Jian Zhao     889 Information Visualization  
Gladimir Baranoski     898 The Synergy Between Computer Science and Biology  
Ming Li     898 Kolmogorov Complexity  
Rafael Oliveira       Advanced Complexity Theory or Topics in Algebraic Complexity Theory and Optimization