R. Trefler

Open background


745 - 001

Computer-Aided Verification

S. Al-Kiswany

Open background


 754 - 001

Advanced Distributed Systems

J. Watrous

CS 768 Quantum Information Processing or equivalent


766 - 001

Theory of Quantum Information

R. Cleve




Quantum Information Processing


A basic UG course on numerical methods and some experience in Python programming are strongly recommended. Students who have previously taken two or more courses on numerical methods, including a course on numerical linear algebra, are not recommended to take this course."

Similar UG courses are: CS 370, CS 371, AMATH 242, CS 335, ECE 204, CS 475, CS 476

SSC 770 Numerical Analysis
M. Grossman Open background AI 798 - 001 Advanced Research Topics: Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics and Policy

T. Brown

Data structures, C/C++ systems programming; concurrent and parallel proggramming helpful HS/ AC

798 - 002

Advanced Research Topics: Multicore Programming
P. Ragde Open background PLG 842 - 001 Advanced Topics in Language Design and Implementation
K. Daudjee Open background DB 848 - 001 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Data Infrastructure
O. Abari Open background   854 - 001 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: loT and Intelligent Connectivity
F. Kerschbaum An introductory course in security, privacy and cryptography AI/ HS 858 - 001 Security and Privacy for AI and Machine Learning
E. Blais   AC 860 - 001 TBA
R. Cohen Open background   898 - 001 Technological Solutions to Social Problems of Computers