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SCS Service Status Kiosk

SCS Service Status Kiosk — CSCF — University of Waterloo

Current as of 2018-05-20 15:29:02

Health Summary of the 304 Hosts and 410 Services that CSCF Manages.

2 Critical Issue(s).

Hosts Down That Need Attention

      No Hosts Down That Need Attention.

Hosts Down: Acknowledged

#1 novo3.cs (DC2303a) CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (
#2 novo4.cs (DC2303a) CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (
#3 novo8.cs (DC2303a) CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (
#4 ugster19.student.cs (MC3015) CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (

Critical Issues That Need Attention

#2 Environmental Status on dc-3558-ems-1.cs (DC3558) CRITICAL - Sensor AP9520TH (C21725000474) Humidity (1) is 52.7 Percent RH..

Critical Issues: Acknowledged

#1 ldap-cscf on affinis.cscf (DC3558) CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds.
#2 SMART Health on (DC3558) CRITICAL - Drive /dev/sdf ST6000NM0034 [6.00 TB] has 1330 element(s) in grown defect list..
#3 ldap-cscf on lestidae.cscf (MC3015) CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds.
#4 mysql_cluster_timestamp on mysql-102.cs (DC3558) CRITICAL: Timestamp age is 7551280 seconds.
#5 mysql_cluster_replication on mysql-104.cs (MC3015) CRITICAL: Slave_IO_Running=No / CRITICAL: Slave_SQL_Running=No / UNKNOWN: Slave_IO_State= / UNKNOWN: Master_Server_Id=0 / UNKNOWN: Seconds_Behind_Master=NULL.
#6 mysql_cluster_timestamp on mysql-104.cs (MC3015) CRITICAL: Timestamp age is 8035930 seconds.

Minor Issues That Need Attention

    No Minor Issues That Need Attention.

Minor Issues: Acknowledged

#1 HTTPS on mc-3015-www-154.cs (MC3015) HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found - 476 bytes in 0.018 second response time.

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