Checking Your Print Quota

Most printers require quota to print. If you are faculty, staff, or a visitor you should use ssh and log on to one of the Unix hosts in general computing environment (many research groups have their own Unix servers and you may be able to check your quota there also).

If you are an undergraduate you must log on to one of the hosts making up the student computing environment.

To check your quota use the command lpquota (type man lpquota on the UNIX command line for more details). When reading the output lpquota, most users in the general computing environment will have sponsored accounts. If you have a XAS account look for the cash line in the output of the lpquota command.

If you do not have sufficient quota or do not have permission to print to a particular printer you may get a mail message from the program lpquota_filter informing you that fact. If that is the case, you should contact your point of contact.