CSCF - Job Descriptions

Human Resources now maintains job descriptions online at

As of 2006/06, HR doesn't include job qualifications and career path (if there is one).

In addition, the USG ranges often (but not always) include only the USG ratings currently held by staff. E.g. if a range is 9 to 13, but nobody has a 13, it's listed as 9 to 12. As of 2006/06/26 we've been reassured that this isn't their intent, so eventually it will be fixed.

It takes a while for job description changes to appear, as they seem to be doing it by cut & paste into a template. There are over 1200 descriptions so far, and they want to apply changes as they receive them, so it takes a while.

The descriptions that follow are intended to be complete; they're what are submitted to HR for technical staff.


In addition to the "Career Path" section of some job descriptions, there's a separate aid in estimating USG rating for multi-level descriptions. It's the so-called skills table. It is not part of the job description. HR has said that it's internal to management/HR, but enough people have seen it that there's no point in not publishing it.