Networking Procedures

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Eduroam Wireless Configuration

Eduroam Wireless Configuration

Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating world wide institutions (Canadian sites) to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

The IST Service Desk provides information for Eduroam Wireless Configuration for multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOSX, and Ubuntu.

Port Trunking (LACP: 802.1ad)

General Information

Port trunking allows the grouping of "n" multiple links into one logical "Trunk" link that functions as a single higher "bandwidth" link supporting "n" concurrent connections. "n" is any number of links from 1 to what ever the switch firmware and/or host software supports (see implementation information below).

Port Trunking bandwidth of the logical link can be easily modified on a "live" link simply by adding or removing physical links to the "Trunk".

These links also provide a measure of redundancy since the logical link will not fail unless all the physical links have failed.

The LACP (802.1ad) protocol that is supported by our networking environment means the maximum speed on the link is the same as the maximum speed of an individual link.

Where CSCF uses Port Trunking

  1. All switch to switch connections.
  2. Essential server network connections.

For each of the above situations, we setup "Trunk" lines even if there currently is only a single physical link. As mentioned above, this greatly eases adding redundancy and bandwidth at a later time.

Setup of Port Trunks

Procurve Port Trunking Setup

This information gleaned from Chapter 12. of "Management and Configuration Guide for the ProCurve Series 3500, 3500yl, 5400zl, 6200yl, 6600, and 8200zl Switches".


Ubuntu Port Trunking Setup

This information gleaned from [Bug 574456] [NEW] hotplug-style bonding does not work after reboot - "service networking restart" needed to get it working and Chien Po Chronicles: Bridging and Bonding with Ubuntu Server 10.04, the Lucid Lynx