Setting up /opt/csw (Blastwave software) on any DRCSCS Solaris 8 (or newer) Sparc Based System.

Authored by: Dave, CSCF

Suggestions, Warnings and Bugs

If some package needs localized "/opt/csw/etc/" files, create them in a "/etc/" directory and symlink them into the "/opt/csw/etc/" tree. See the "Individual redirection" section in ""
/opt/csw/var is "shared" not "local".

Don't setup/use any csw packages that use the /opt/csw/var/ tree yet!

Installation Recipe

Use the following steps to add the /opt/csw software to a Solaris 8.0 or newer host.

  1. Check that the host is running Solaris 8.0 or newer:

    uname -a

  2. Make sure "/autofs" mount point with correct permissions exists:

    umask 0222; mkdir /autofs

  3. On Xhier'd systems, tell orphan not to descend the automount tree:

    Add "/autofs" entry to file "/.software/local/accounts/config/local/orphan_ignore"

  4. Create an "/etc/auto_software" automountd map file containing:

    # csw tree is the open source software we're getting from
    # We install the software on host "core.cs"
    # using "/opt/csw/bin/pkg-get -i " which sets it up on the
    # "fs-software.cs" file server. The host "backup.cs" then rsync's the
    # "fs-software.cs:/opt/csw" to mirror "fs-software.student.cs:/opt/csw" via a root cronjob.
    csw -ro,soft,intr,nosuid \,

  5. Modify or create as needed "/etc/auto_master" to use the new map file and have a warning about the orphan program:

    # Note: Program "orphan" (if installed) does not recognize these mounts
    # as NFS mounts and therefore must be explicitly configured not to
    # descend them. See the information about the "orphan_ignore" file
    # in "man orphan".

    # Map file for open-source software mounts.
    /autofs/software auto_software

  6. Restart automountd:

    /etc/init.d/autofs stop && /etc/init.d/autofs start

  7. Check automount is working:

    ls /autofs/software/.

  8. The csw software expects to be in the /opt tree so create a softlink:

    ln -s /autofs/software/csw /opt/csw

  9. Check that the users can access the software:

    ls /opt/csw/bin