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Setting up Linux Containers (LXC)

Setting up Ubuntu Server Support for Linux Containers (LXC)

  1. Install the CSCF Linux Container meta package on the Ubuntu Server you already have setup and networked.
    apt-get install -y uwcs-lxc

Setting up the Linux Containers (LXC)

  1. Create the CSCF Inventory entry for this new container.
    Make sure entry has the following fields filled in:
    1. Model: LXC
    2. Auth User
    3. Auth Contact
    At least one DNS ID line setup with fields:
    1. Host
    2. Domain
    3. IP Address
    1. Number Of Cores
    2. Memory
  2. Create the container.
    salt_master=<Salt-Master-FQDN> lxc-create -n <FQDN-Container-Name> -t cscf-ubuntu
  3. If you really need to have one,
    Set the default root passwd on the new container:
    chroot /var/lib/lxc/<FQDN-Container-Name>/rootfs passwd
  4. The virtual host should now be ready to start up:
    lxc-start -d -n <FQDN-Container-Name>
  5. Notes:
    1. The cscf-template will have setup the ssh/authorized key that allows Administrators from CSCF to ssh into the running container.

Setting up Linux Containers (LXC)

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