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The CS TEACHING Computing Environment ("CS-TEACHING") is a collection of hosts meant to support the computing requirements of CS courses. All students taking CS courses or are in the Math Faculty have access to the general-use Mac and Linux labs except when posted. Specialty labs are restricted to the students taking the course(s) that require the equipment they offer. From the student point of view, many aspects are shared with the Math Faculty Computing Facility.

Getting Help

Please contact the Math Faculty Help Centre for assistance.

Features of the Student Computing Environment

Math Endowment Fund Support

The Math Endowment Fund is committed to improving undergraduate mathematics education at the University of Waterloo. MEF has provided support to CSCF for the following improvements to the CS teaching resources.

Term Room/machine names Project Description MEF Grant CSCF Contribution
Spring 2010 New General Use Linux servers Purchased Three Dell PowerEdge R815 servers for $43,988.34 to go in the linux.student.cs cluster of general use servers. $ 4,000.00 $40,000.00
Fall 2009 elegans5.student.cs Enhance Windows 2008 Terminal Server Environment ( $3,055.00 $4,735.00
Winter 2009 MC3022 Thin Client Lab Upgrading Neoware 4000s X terminals (vintage 2003) to 24" widescreen monitors and Asrock Ion 330 NetTops. $8,480.00 $8,480.00
Spring 2008 mef-linux02.student.cs, mef-linux04.student.cs Evergreening Student Linux hardware Pair of 4 quad-core AMD Opteron CPU, 64 GB Ram Sun Fire x4440 hosts. $17,889.68 $ 7,000.00
Winter 2008 fs02.student.cs
File server renewal.
All student accounts have a 500 MB base home directory quota on the CS Teaching File server plus 100 MB mail inbox quota.
$26,713.62 $81,869.87
Spring 2007 Elegans4.student.cs Windows Terminal Server renewal $2,794.00 $2,794.00
MC 3003 Mac Lab renewal; MEF funded the upgrade to 19" monitors $7,730.00 $135457.92
Winter 2007 mef-cpu02-linux
Ubuntu linux general use CPU servers. $7,152.95 $7,152.95
Winter 2006 MC 3004, MC 3005, MC 3027 Mac Lab renewal; MEF funded the upgrade to 19" monitors $23,281.39 $204,866.00
Spring 2005 mef-fe02-linux
Linux general use front-end servers to support thin client labs. $19,142.50 $19,142.50

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