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CSCF Standard (Infrastructure) Supported Architectures

Table of Contents

Laptops (2020/08)

All components to be supported by both Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Minimum Configuration

Lenovo Thinkpad T480S
Intel Core I5-8250u processor
512 SSD disk
Intel UHD Graphics 620
14" 19200x1080 display
IPS multi-touch screen
backlit keyboard
720p camera and figureprint reader

Recommended Configuration

Lenovo Thinkpad T14
Intel Core i5-10210U processor
16 GB DDR4 2667MHz (8 GB Soldered + 8 GB DIMM)
512 SSD disk
14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080) WVA, anti-glare, touchscreen, 300 nits
Nvidia MX330 DDR5 2GB graphics
  • backlit keyboard
  • 720p IR camera
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Smart Card Reader

Server Hardware

  1. Basics

    CSA approved system:
    Light-Out-Management interface
    Rack-mount case:
  2. Server Manufacturers

    Server Manufacturers CSCF Infrastructure Requests Quotes For

  3. Infrastructure Standard Configurations

    Server Minimum (2019/04)
    Server Workgroup (2019/04)
    Server General Use (2019/04)
    Dual CPU Servers (2019/08)
    Server Data Storage Node (2019/04)
    Server Mac (2019/04)

Networking Hardware (2011/01)

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Operating Systems


Mac's and Windows Systems

This table lists the minimum set of software applications the SCS Technology Integration Group supports for the Mac and Windows CSI supported platforms.

Category Package Name Software Availability
MacIntosh Windows
Calendar Manager Connect
(IST's Exchange Calendar Service)
yes yes
File Archiving/Compression 7-zip yes yes
Drawing Dia yes yes
Graphical Windowing Systems rdesktop yes N/R
X11 yes xming
Image Manipulation Gimp yes yes
Health Monitoring Tools Smartmontools yes yes
Mail Client Thunderbird yes yes
Multimedia Player VLC media player yes yes
Office Suite LibreOffice yes yes
PDF Viewer Adobe Reader yes yes
Ghostscript,GhostView and GSview yes yes
Secure Terminal ssh, mosh yes yes
Web Browser FireFox, Google Chrome yes yes
Web Browser Plugins Adobe Flash Player yes yes
Adobe Shockwave yes yes
java (Sun) yes yes
VLC media player yes yes
N/R - Not required.
N/A - Not available.
? - Being Investigated.

Linux Systems

CSCF maintains the following set of Debian metapackages that are available from the CSCF apt depot.

We are always happy to add to them, please talk with your Point-of-Contact or email your recommendations to csi-software+recommendation AT

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AMD -- CSCF has a history with using AMD Opteron server processors that dates back to when Intel only had the Itanium processor for 64 bit cpu architecture.

Ubuntu Linux -- The Infrastructure Group's current Linux server distribution of choice because we use it in the workstation environment and it gets excellent third party ratings. (Our CS Club is also an official Canadian mirror for Ubuntu distributions.)