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  1. Vision Statement
  2. Objectives
  3. Guidelines and Practices
  4. Inventory
  5. Services
  6. Setup Recipes
  7. Quick Links

Vision Statement

Proactively providing flexible technical services to meet specialized demands mandated by the School of Computer Science


Provide a base level of services that everyone in School of Computer Science has access to and the other two CSCF groups can build on.

Build infrastructure with technology based on open standards and scalable redundant peer-reviewed designs.

Prefer modern automatable "fire-proof" infrastructures rather than building a better "fire-truck", "unicorns" or fight individual fires.

Resources are prioritised based on general need (size of potential user base), reliability, robustness, security, scalability, reduction of staff maintenance time, performance, ergonomics, and monetary cost.

Setups are documented for others to replicate and/or build upon.

Infrastructure Group's Internal Notes on:

Guidelines and Practices

This part of the documentation tree is still being rebuilt and should not be concidered complete.

DNS Naming Guidelines
Guidelines for creating CSCF Infrastructure Group recommended fully qualified DNS names.  
Life Cycles
CSCF Infrastructure Group Life Cycles.
  1. Evergreening
    CSCF Infrastructure Group equipment refresh schedules.
  2. Fiscal Budget
    Fiscal Budget Life Cycle
  3. Operating Systems (OS)
    Operating Systems (OS) deployment life cycle
    1. Ubuntu LTS Lifecycle
      Ubuntu LTS deployment life cycle
    2. Windows Lifecycles
      MS Windows OS's Lifecycles
Information on the Schools' networking history, connectivity and setup.  
Renovation Guidelines
Renovation Guidelines that the CSCF Infrastructure Group Recommends.  
Standard Platforms
Standard platforms that CSCF Infrastructure uses.  


  1. CSCF Equipment Inventory
  2. SCS CS-TEACHING Environment Equipment
  3. CSCF Hosted Web Sites Index
  4. UWCS Debian metapackages,
  5. Virtual Host Index
  6. VLan Information


  1. Index

Setup Recipes

Operating Systems

  1. Ubuntu
    CSCF Infrastructure Group recipes for the various Ubuntu based setups we deploy.
  2. Windows Setup Recipes
    CSCF Infrastructure Group recipes for the various Windows based setups we deploy.
    1. Under renovations. Previous notes still to be found and updated.


  1. DNS
    per Domain region DNS configuration

  2. MailMan Management Guide
    Simple Quick-Start Guide to Using Mailman Lists

  3. Networking
    Networking Services Setup and Deployment Recipes

  4. System Time Synchronizing
    Network Time Protocol: NTP Clients Configuration, as well as the CSCF PI GPS Statum 1 Server Hardware, Setup and Deployment


  1. Mellanox Routers

CSCF: Public Facing Services
CSCF: RT time tracking:
CSCF: Who Does What?
CSCF: Point of Contact (PoC) Assignments
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