Service Records - The "Status" Field

The "status" field in the Update Request form describes the state of completion of an item. If work is still ongoing, the status is one of:

open It's not done yet.
stalled We're waiting for something else outside of our direct control before we can proceed.
If work has been completed, the status is one of:
done The work was completed satisfactorily.
timeout Not done because the task became irrelevant with time.
can't It was decided that no practical solution exists.
noreply Not done because needed information from the requester wasn't provided; a specific case of a timeout really.
notreproducible The symptoms of the problem couldn't be reproduced.
forwarded Given to the external group that deals with the problem. It is assumed that the group will deal with it without further tracking. An item that is being handled by both the local and a non-local group isn't considered "forwarded". It's not obvious that this should be a status, rather than an attribute of entries in an item "who" list. No item of sufficiently high priority (Upcoming or higher) should be "forwarded"; if it's important enough, and an external group will be doing the work, one of us should be assigned to it as well to track progress.
merged Added to or will be done by another item.
forget No longer appropriate for consideration, e.g. because the requester changed his/her mind, or because the need was met by other means, or because it wasn't such a good idea, or ... Details are usually found in the item's commentary.
gaveup It's not worth pursuing.
sigh Did the best we could for the moment (may have to try again later).

When specifying this field in a customized sort or display, any of the names "status" or "Status" can be used.