Service Records - references to other work tracking systems

Both the See Also and Dependencies fields contain references to other work items. While the (original) intent is that they refer to other items in this system, and thus be a simple number, they are sometimes used to refer to other systems. Current supported examples are references of the form:

[UW-RT #NNNN] a reference to the work tracking system run by IST
WR #NNNN a Plant Ops work request
PO #NNNN a UW Purchase Order
PR #RNNNN a UW Purchase Requisition
Forms of reference for other systems can be added as needed.

When using other than simple numbers, the references should be separated by commas, to make it practical to recognize the separate references. This is necessary both for people reading the work items, and for the system itself so that it can build a searchable structure of all of the references.

There are a variety of older styles of references that are still accepted, primarily to avoid having to change them all. At some point, we can expect support for these will be removed, so please use only the documented formats above.