Service Records - The "Machine Name" Field

The "Machine Name" field in the Create Request form names the machine that needs to be fixed. The answer is usually obvious. Although, this being a comparatively new policy, it's easy to imagine that situations not accounted for will arise.

Although the machine name is often found in the problem description, it sometimes isn't, so this field is a reminder that it's needed information.

In principle, all work is paid for. The faculty have agreed that MFCF support is purchased for machines, not people. So please do your best. Since we're not allowed to work on unsupported machines, we'll be forced to find out the machine name ourselves, which just slows the work.

Names are recorded as relative to "". So there is no need to enter ""; "MyMachine.math" is fine, and how the name will be displayed.

In general, only names that can be found in DNS (the Internet Domain Naming System) are accepted. In the obscure case of needing to specify a name that no longer exists, enter as fully qualified, ending in a ".". E.g. "" won't be accepted, while "" will be accepted.

When specifying this field in a customized sort or display, any of the names "equip_name", "Hostname" or "MachineName" can be used.