Service Records - The "Depth" Field

The "depth" field in a work request is empty unless the record is part of a display of dependencies of the records selected for a queue listing. In that case, it's a representation of depth within the dependency. The depth is usually represented as "|" repeated appropriately. The one exception when is when the "depth" field is specified immediately before the "subject" field in a queue listing, in which case it's repeated blanks, prepended to the subject.

E.g. if the fields displayed are: serial_num, depth, depth, subject, then a queue listing would be of the form

1 Selected Subject
2 |    First Dependency #1
3 |    Second Dependency of #1
4 ||      First Dependency of #3
and so on.

When specifying this field in a customized display, use the name "depth". It cannot be effectively used for a customized sort; and it doesn't result in a complaint as it should. It only works when displaying dependencies of a selected it.