Service Records - The "Date Due" Field

The "Date Due" field contains a date recording an agreed upon date and time for the completion of the work.

When a date without a time is entered, the time is set to close to the end of the business day, to provide as much flexibility as possible in meeting the due date while still being able to claim that the work was completed on the specified day. The current default is 16:00 (4PM), given that usual business hours are 8:30→16:30.

In CS, the due date is intended to never be exceeded; overdue should never happen. Instead, when it becomes clear that a due date will likely not be met, a new due date should be negotiated with the requester of the work. Ideally, this should happen well in advance of the due date. If an agreement can't be reached, the due date should be removed.

The display of this field in the item display or update page may include an estimate of the earliest possible due date made when enough information is supplied for time estimates to be made.

The Due field can be used to express the due date as a duration.

When specifying this field in a customized sort or display, any of the names "date_due", "Date Due" or "Due Date" can be used.