Student File Storage

Every CS-TEACHING account includes access to some file storage. When working in our labs, your files will be automatically stored there. From off campus, you may use sftp or scp to copy files to and from your CS-TEACHING file space.

Disk Quota

You can review your disk quota usage at any time with the command

"ssh diskquota"

All accounts in the computer science teaching environment (CS-TEACHING) receive a base quota allocation of 4 GBytes (partially supported by MEF), regardless of what courses or faculties their owners are enrolled in. Note that files you've created in someone else's account are all included in the above diskquota total.

Assignment Submission

Many CS courses use the “submit” assignment submission program. This is available from the Unix command line as the command submit. Type man submit from any CS-TEACHING host for information.

Some courses use the LEARN system for assignment submission. Please check with your course materials to be sure you are using the correct submission mechanism.


Backups to guard against accidental file deletion or damage are provided by the snapshot capability of the file server. Some information is available at

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