Student Electronic Mail


Students are expected to receive and respond in a timely fashion to electronic mail (email) sent to

That is the official UW email address used by instructors and course staff. The address will redirect to any email address you set in WatIAM.

WARNING: If your student.cs computing account was created before September 2009, then it may be forwarding e-mail to a destination other than your address. That means that changing your address won't affect mail sent directly to That can be changed by creating a file called ".forward" in your home directory on the student.cs environment, containing:

If your student.cs computing account was created during or after September 2009, the above setup was done when your account was created.

The Mywaterloo webmail client can be used to do effectively the same thing. Once this is done, the only place you'll need to specify where you read mail is WatIAM.

Central Mail Service

Students are encouraged to use the central student mail server ( provided by IST. Instructions for setting up a mailservices account are available on the MailServices web site.

Third Party Mail Providers

Some students choose to use a email service for all their email, including official communications to and from the university.

In these cases, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure mail forwarding to the external account works correctly, and that the student's identity is clear when communicating via electronic means (e.g. provide your WatIAM userid in email and newsgroups, so instructors can identify you correctly).

It is especially important for people using an off-campus mail service to set mail forwarding in WatIAM to their external email account, to ensure all official communications reach them.

Mail Client Settings

There are numerous email client software programs available for the Linux, Macintosh and Windows environments. To access your Waterloo student mailbox from these environments or from off-campus, configure your mail client as follows:

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