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All undergraduate students of the Cheriton School of Computer Science receive a computing account in the “CS-Teaching” collection of systems, providing access to Linux, Windows, and MacOSX. This access persists for the duration of their undergraduate careers in Computer Science.

In addition, any student currently taking a Computer Science course also receives a CS-Teaching account.

In addition, anyone engaged in support of courses, such as graduate students acting as Teaching Assistants, or undergraduates acting as Instructional Support Assistants, receive accounts.

Accounts are created once a student's registration is made available to us via the regular electronic updates provided by the Registrar.

Once the reason for an account to exist has passed, e.g. because of graduation, or non-CS students no longer taking a CS course, the accounts are scheduled for deletion, preceded by warning email messages. See Frequently Asked Questions about Account Expiry.


A student's password for the CS-Teaching environment has to be set, typically via the password change page. It requires the student’s WatIAM password as proof of identity. It can be set to be the same as or different than the WatIAM password.

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