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The campus computing environment, provided by IST, provides multiple services that affect Computer Science. CSCF makes use of these services, mentioned here when not otherwise documented.

Mailing Lists

Many mailing lists that were once sited on the CS mail server have been moved to the central mailing list system. Most of them don't appear in the list of mailing lists, as that increases attention from spammers. In addition, the CS mail system provides (mostly for historical reasons) corresponding @cs lists. The list structure is hierarchical (there are a lot of sublists). Some examples of addresses that you may have received e-mail from are:

The "@cs" addresses can be regarded as historical, as we are directed to get out of the e-mail business to the extent possible.

These lists are generally not intended for general public use, rather they are for those in specific administrative roles.

Most of the list memberships are maintained by the Assistant to the Director, who can update a list if you're missing from it, and reveal the name of a list if you need to send mail to a specific set of CS people for which a list exists.

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