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The Ross & Muriel Cheriton Faculty Fellowship supports the work of a full-time faculty member in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science whose research is in the general  areas of computer systems and computer networking. The title of Faculty Fellow is intended to recognize the faculty member whose scholarly work is widely known and respected internationally, who is an accomplished teacher at all levels, and who has displayed a high level of commitment and dedication to her/his department or school, the Faculty of Mathematics, and the University.

Current Ross & Muriel Cheriton Faculty Fellow


Anna Lubiw

Anna LubiwProfessor Lubiw's research is in the area of algorithms, specifically computational geometry and graph algorithms.

One main focus is finding and manipulating geometric representations of graphs (social networks, database hierarchies, the Internet, chemical molecular structures). Currently she works on morphing graph drawings, and on finding "simultaneous" representations of graphs that share some vertices and edges, with the constraint that the shared part be represented consistently.

In a more geometric vein, Professor Lubiw has worked on folding and unfolding problems, for example finding the extra folds that are needed to flatten polyhedra (e.g., the creases that form on cereal boxes when you squash them for recycling).  

She has worked on shortest path problems both in the geometric setting and in graphs. One example is finding shortest paths on terrains, such as the earth's surface, while observing height constraints, such as going downhill but not too steeply. Another example is finding shortest paths in graphs when some subpaths are forbidden but the forbidden set is not known in advance, which has applications in optical network routing and vehicle dispatching.
Professor Lubiw has also worked on such fun topics as map labelling, the Rubik's cube, music pattern matching, and design of pop-up cards.

Previous Ross & Muriel Cheriton Faculty Fellows

Ross & Muriel Cheriton Faculty Fellow Year
Therese Biedl 2011-2014
Shai Ben-David 2008-2011
Johnny Wong 2005-2008