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The Cheriton School of Computer Science is named for David R. Cheriton, who earned his PhD in Computer Science in 1978, and made a transformational gift to the school in 2005. It has become the largest academic concentration of Computer Science researchers in Canada.  

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  1. Aug. 10, 2020An oblivious algorithm that allows computation on encrypted data in the cloud
    image depicting efficient oblivious database joins in the cloud

    Most master’s students a year into their graduate program are hopeful their research will contribute to their discipline, but few will crack a long-standing problem and in so doing develop a solution that’s a major advance in the field.

  2. July 31, 2020Elevating haptics: A touchless elevator concept proposes an accessibility-driven solution to slowing the spread of COVID-19
    photo of Tanay Singhal and Mahika Phutane

    By Marisa Benjamin, Research Communications Officer, The Games Institute

    Motivated by previous research that found that elevator buttons are a huge source of contamination, a new study co-authored by a Cheriton School of Computer Science student presents a touchless elevator concept to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  3. July 28, 2020Rapid Novor, cofounded by Cheriton School of Computer Science Professor Bin Ma, secures $5-million USD to decode antibodies for potential treatments for COVID-19 and other illnesses
    photo of Professor Bin Ma

    A world-leading University of Waterloo spinoff company, that decodes blood samples for potential treatments for illnesses like cancer and COVID-19, is expanding operations with the help of a $5-million USD investment.

    Bin Ma, a University of Waterloo computer science professor who cofounded Rapid Novor in 2015, says the company’s technology is the most advanced in the world when it comes to deciphering the complex workings of antibody proteins, a process called sequencing.

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  1. Aug. 12, 2020PhD Defence • Human-Computer Interaction — Human-AI Interaction in the Presence of Ambiguity

    Please note: This PhD defence will be given online.

    Mike Schaekermann, PhD candidate
    David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

  2. Aug. 14, 2020Master’s Thesis Presentation • Data Systems — A Design Space for Distributed Producer-Consumer Data Structures Using RDMA

    Please note: This master’s thesis presentation will be given online.

    Manoj Sharma, Master’s candidate
    David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

  3. Aug. 17, 2020Master’s Thesis Presentation • Systems and Networking — NeuRA: Using Neural Networks to Improve WiFi Rate Adaptation

    Please note: This master’s thesis presentation will be given online.

    Shervin Khastoo, Master’s candidate
    David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

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