Breadth and Depth Requirements 2008-2009

Many of the checklists have an “Elective Breadth and Depth” requirement that makes reference to “Humanities”, “Social Sciences”, and courses from the Faculties of Science, Applied Health Studies, and Environmental Studies (“Pure Sciences” or “Pure and Applied Sciences”). The following chart categorizes each of the courses offered by UW for use in these requirements.

Subject Description Humanities Social Sciences Pure Sciences Pure and Applied Sciences
ACTSC Actuarial Science        
AFM Accounting and Financial Management      
ANTH Anthropology      
AMATH Applied Mathematics        
ARCH Architecture      
ARTS Arts      
BIOL Biology    
BUS Business (WLU)      
CDNST Canadian Studies      
CHE Chemical Engineering        
CHEM Chemistry    
CHINA Chinese      
CIVE Civil Engineering        
CLAS Classical Studies      
CM Computational Mathematics        
CO Combinatorics and Optimization        
CROAT Croatian      
CS Computer Science        
DANCE Dance    
DAC Digital Arts Communication      
DRAMA Drama      
DUTCH Dutch      
EARTH Earth Sciences    
EASIA East Asian Studies      
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering        
ECON Economics      
ENGL English      
ENVE Environmental Engineering        
ENVS Environmental Studies      
ERS Enrironment and Resource Studies      
FINE Fine Arts      
FR French Studies      
FRCS French Cultural Studies      
GENE General Engineering        
GEOE Geological Engineering        
GEOG Geography      
GER German      
GERON Gerontology      
GRK Greek and Hebrew      
HIST History      
HLTH Health Studies      
HRM Human Resources Management      
HUMSC Human Sciences      
INTTS International Trade      
IS Independent Studies        
ISS Interdisciplinary Social Science      
ITAL Italian Studies      
ITALST Italian Studies      
JAPAN Japanese      
JS Jewish Studies      
KIN Kinesiology      
KOREA Korean      
LAT Latin      
LSC Legal Studies and Criminology      
MATH Mathematics        
ME Mechanical Engineering        
MSCI Management Sciences      
MTHEL Mathematics Electives        
MTE Mechatronics Engineering        
MUSIC Music      
NATST Native Studies      
OPTOM Optometry    
PACS Peace and Conflict Studies      
PHIL Philosophy      
PHYS Physics    
PLAN Planning      
PMATH Pure Mathematics        
POLSH Polish      
PORT Portuguese      
PSCI Political Science      
PSYCH Psychology      
REC Recreation and Leisure Studies      
RS Religious Studies      
RUSS Russian      
SCI Science    
SE Software Engineering        
SMF Sexuality, Marriage, and Family      
SOC Sociology      
SOCWK Social Work      
SPAN Spanish      
SPCOM Speech Communication      
SPD Spirituality and Personal Development      
STAT Statistics        
STV Society, Technology and Values      
SWREN Social Work (Bachelor of...)      
SYDE Systems Design Engineering        
UKRAN Ukrainian      
WS Women's Studies      

The “Depth” requirement may be met in two ways:

Here are a number of examples of prerequisite chains of length three:

Many subject areas do not have prerequisite chains. Students interested in these areas should simply take three courses at the 3rd year level or higher.